Real Proxy for IPTV Service Provider

Protect your main IPTV server with Proxy

What is proxy server? Proxy server is a private server that is hosted offshore which is placed in front of your main IPTV server. Your users will connect to your proxy server, which will then connect to your main IPTV server. As a result, you will never reveal your main IPTV server IP.

Proxy Server Benefits

  • Safeguard your main server from being ddos attack.
  • Safeguard your mysql database from being exploited.
  • Protect your main server from DMCA copyright notices on the main server. All copyright notices will be sent to PROXY server which has no connection to you.
  • Protect DDOS attack by performing advanced ddos filter on SLOWLORIS or FLOOD attack. Advanced proxy configuration can perform rate limit efficiently.
  • Help you to sell online anonymously. Nobody will get your server IP at all.

Is CLOUDFLARE a proxy server?

YES and NO. Cloudflare only conceal your main server IP when they perform ddos attack. However it won’t conceal your main server IP if they send copyright notices. All copyright notices will be forwarded to your host. Any attacker can send fake DMCA notices and get your IP reveal in 30 seconds. DMCA agents can also report  your IP to your host within 30 seconds. In short, CLOUDFLARE is a FAKE proxy server. It can’t ever protect you.


Real PROXY servers are multiple servers running in OFFSHORE datacenters. Our servers are powerful with Advanced AntiDDOS ready. The OFFSHORE datacenters are 100% privacy secured. They are located in the most bizarre locations in the world, some caves in SWEDEN or NETHERLANDS.

Let’s us protect your MAIN SERVER today.

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