1 VOD server – all kinds of VOD content – Over 400 TB – auto update

Server Configuration

  • Full 1Gbps uplink with the ability to add more Gbps
  • 16 cores (32 threads) processor.
  • Nvme disk for fast streaming.
  • 64GB of RAM. Note VOD server does not require much RAM.
  • Location: OVH Canada or Offshore Netherlands (in case you worry about DMCA).
  • Server can serve around 300 concurrent users.  With 16 cores, you can upgrade it to 3Gbps to serve to 1000 clients at once.
  • You can install the server to your panel, and let folder watch to run automatically to add all of your movies and series to the panel. There is 0 manual work. Everything is automatic.

Server Cloud Storage

  • The server connects to our back end cloud storage. Currently we have 400TB of data and growing every year. All new cloud storage mount points are included for free in the future.
  • We have 26000 movies, 4K movies, 7000 TV series and anime, 6000 porn movies.
  • All movies and tv series are updaed multiple times daily.
  • All new content are updated with highest possible quality, like 1080 and 4K. We do not add CAM quality movies. In case there is a CAM quality movie, we will replace it automatically with 1080 quality when the Bluray is released.


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